Take Action trove torches social media storm

On Thursday I woke up to find a trove of social media adverts and videos in my email and Whatsapp inbox.

The artworks were dumped in there without a signature or a contactable mobile number.

I quickly took to my Microblogging site, Twitter, the streets I value when it comes to fact checking and value addition in terms of my news writing.

My question was- Who are these people? Is it a new political party, a social movement or any of the existing  political parties?

In most cases Twitter comes with responses. On Twitter we can try a case, convict and sentence the culprit or at times dismiss the case in toto.

Surprisingly this was not the case with this trove. Instead of helping identify the people or organisation behing them, Twitter cadres were also hooked up by this creativity.

The videos went viral as some said this is what any serious political party should be addressing.

The comments, retweets and downloads of this trove reached alarming levels.

In the middle of all this my question has not yet been answered- Who is behind all this?