Police chief trashes Buyanga stay of execution application as defective, vexatious…wants him jailed

In the eye of a storm: Frank Buyanga allegedly hired bouncers to kidnap his son who is in the middle of a custody wrangle

POLICE Commissioner General Godwin Matanga on Wednesday deposed an affidavit at the High Court in Harare opposing Frank Buyanga Sadiqi’s Draft Order seeking stay of execution of Justice Manzunzu’s April 16 ruling that he returns kidnapped child, Alexander Sadiqi, within 48 hours of the court’s judgment.

Buyanga had cited Matanga as the third respondent in his High Court application.

In opposing Buyanga’s stay of execution application at the High Court, the police chief found the applicant guilty of approaching the courts with “dirty hands”.

“The Applicant has approached this Honorable court with dirty hands.

“The order that was granted by Manzunzu J on April 16, 2020 which the Applicant now seeks to stay its execution emanates from a criminal offence commited by the Applicant of contravening (a certain section of the Criminal Law) in that he kidnapped a minor child, Alexander Sadiqi from the lawful custody of (his mother, Chantelle Muteswa) …on Match 26, 2020,” Matanga said.

He also said in his founding affidavit that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) were on the ground looking for either Buyanga or the kidnapped child, with the search currently failing to yield its objectives, further claiming however that the search was in the right track.

“My police are investigating this criminal offence and efforts to locate either the Applicant or minor child within Zimbabwe have yielded no results.

“The investigations are still continuing and are at an advanced stage,” Matanga revealed.

The police chief also said Zimbabwe had already approached the International Police (Interpol) for assistance in efforts to find the ‘fugitive’ Buyanga and kidnapped minor child, Alexander.

“Interpol has been invoked to assist in locating both the Applicant and minor child outside this jurisdiction.

“It will be an affront for this Honorable court to entertain a fugitive from justice like the Applicant,” Matenga added.

The Police Commissioner General said by granting Buyanga his prayer for stay of execution, the High Court would set a bad precedence, where court processes would be abused to evade arrest for criminal offences or failure to comply with court orders, like is both the case with Buyanga.

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