Opinion: Most dangerous pandemic now is the Health ministry’s dissemination of COVID-19 information

Haunted by his past:Former Health minister Obadiah Moyo

THE Ministry of Health and Child Care’s May 1 reversal of six cases previously announced as positive for COVID-19 makes “startling reading.”

In its daily updates, the Health ministry May 1 subtly admitted to having blundered when they announced six Harare Polymerase Reaction Chain (PCR) blood tests as interim and therefore capable of erring.

Zim Morning Post does not claim to be some healthcare experts, but we are worried at the level of incompetence being exhibited by healthcare professionals in Zimbabwe.

We do not know for sure what test methodology is being applied to determine one’s COVID-19 status; whether it is the PCR or Rapid Diagnostic Testing (RDT).

As already discussed above, PCR tests are DNA or blood related while RDT deal with outward manifestations that normally reveal themselves in the reading of body temperatures.

Without interfering with how tests are being done, we, at Zim Morning Post, feel government must explain how they got six false positive PCR tests.

We understand once PCR detects a virus it means it is present and can never be said it was a false positive.

This is not our field of expertise but surely government has a duty to keep the citizens informed.

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and attracts not only media interest but also public scrutiny, giving no room to equivocation by healthcare custodians.

Information is power and helps create trust between the public and the ministry but once the citizens continue to get distorted information that trust will break down.

On one day we are told the results are pending and on the next day the ministry revises downwards not only one case but six cases.

Could someone who takes a RDT and fails it, automatically be declared as seems COVID-19 positive as to be the case in Zimbabwe?

At Zim Morning Post, all we ask of the goverment is to be more forthcoming in clarifying how they have determined the statuses of the more than 6 000 people so far tested for the pandemic.

We also want to know where all the 20 000 diagnostic laboratory test kits, 100 000 medical face masks and 1 000 protective suits and face shields donated to Zimbabwe in the wake of the deadly virus disappeared to.


  1. Thanks Guys, keep it up asking for transparency from the gvt. We hv indeed lost the little trust trust that we had in gvt.


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