NSSA Audit: Govt succumbs to pressure

ZIMBABWE’s Labour Minister Sekai Nzenza has released the much-awaited forensic audit report of the National Social Security Authority (NSSA).
The report was tabled in Parliament today after months of being kept under wraps amid reports that the audit is full of “incriminating elements.”
The move to release the report is said to be a way of throwing the embattled Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Prisca Mupfumira under the bus.

Mupfumira is currently in remand prison after being denied bail. She is facing at least seven criminal cases emanating from that report.

Speaking to the members of the media after submitting the report to Parliament Nzenza said that it was the turning point for NSSA.

Today is the turning point for NSSA, I have just submitted the audit report to Parliament and it is now in the hands of Parliament which means the report is now public,” said Nzenza.

However, Nzenza said that legally she was not obliged to release the audit to the public.

“I have read the law ,There is no legal obligation for me to release the report ,I can only do so when I am ready,” said Nzenza.