Ndlovu calls for innovation towards emission reduction

Ndlovu calls for innovation towards emission reduction

ENVIRONMENT, Water and Climate minister Mangaliso Ndlovu on Wednesday said climate change is one of the major obstacles towards economic growth in Zimbabwe.

Addressing the 48th session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) at the Harare International Conference Centre, Ndlovu said the major climate issues were evidenced by declining water sources.

Ndlovu said the earth is experiencing an unprecedented scale of extreme weather events – including heat, floods, wildfires and strong typhoons which have negatively impacted on health, energy, agriculture and water sectors.

He called upon businesses to adapt to environmental friendly practices, support renewable energy and come up with innovations that continue to promote emission reduction.

“The major climate issues as evidenced by declining water sources, fall in productivity…are a clear message in the move towards a low-carbon future as pledged in the Paris Agreement,” he also said.

“Our mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fine dust level: We are encouraging businesses to act too. As of now, two thirds of the total green-house gases in Korea are emitted by major businesses,” Ndlovu added.

He further urged businesses to depend less on fossil fuel while increasing renewable energy share by 20 percent by 2030.

“We will also transform the current energy intensive industry structure into a highly energy efficient one that emits less carbon,” he said.

The ministry noted that damages caused by climate change will be controlled at the national level within the emergency response system.

The Emissions Trading scheme in Korea seeks to provide economic incentives for businesses to achieve their reduction targets and stimulate technological innovations for emissions reduction.

Ndlovu calls for innovation towards emission reduction

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