Mugabe did not want ED fired


Former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe did not want the then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa fired from his post at the peak of Zanu PF internal strife in 2017, the Zim Morning Post has heard.

A close family member told this publication that the ailing former President still regrets his move which he did “under pressure.”

“If you remember on that fateful day, rumors were just going around all day saying that ED has been fired while it was not a fact, ED was later fired at the end of the day,” a close source said.

Our source confirmed that Mugabe spent the whole day calling Mnangagwa for a meeting at his private residence, a move that was turned down by the former vice president preferring a meeting at Munhumutapa offices.

“On that day Mugabe called ED to come to Blue Roof for a  meeting which Mnangagwa turned down preferring a meeting at Munhumutapa office since it was a government meeting,” added our source.

However, according to our source, Mugabe succumbed to pressure from G40 kingpins Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and the then First Lady Grace Mugabe who was supposed to deputise his husband after the ouster of Mnangagwa.

“President Mugabe was put under pressure by Moyo, Kasukuwere and Grace (Mugabe).”

“The team really wanted Mnangagwa to go but the President was not buying it, he wanted to talk to Mnangagwa so they could resolve the problem,” revealed a source close to Mugabe.

“After a marathon meeting with the G40 leaders Mugabe then asked them to write a statement which Simon Khaya later presented to the press.

Despite the expulsion from government Mugabe is said to have continued to seek audience with Mnangagwa who had already fled the country amid reports of imminent arrest.

These guys (G40) wanted Mnangagwa locked as soon as he was fired because having him outside was more dangerous,” said the source.

“So when Mnangagwa crossed to South Africa Mugabe tried to reach him through Father Fidelis Mukonori. Mnangagwa told Mugabe that he was fearing for his life,” the source said.


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