Coronavirus: ACBOs implores govt to uphold peace, accountability

  • Govt implored to be transparent in COVID-19 interventions
  • Calls for govt to double efforts at COVID-19 surveillance

ALLIANCE for Community Based Organisations (ACBOs) on Wednesday said government must uphold transparency, accountability and efficient standards for health professionals in the fight against COVID-19.

The representative of community-based organisations also spoke of widespread concerns about the information gaps on COVID-19 awareness in the country.

In a communique, ACBOs warned government to ensure that communities remained adequately informed on matters concerning the COVID-19 pandemic with view to empowering them.

“Every community must be provided with adequate information that gives them all they need to know in order to protect themselves and avoid the spread of the virus,” ACBOs said in a statement.

ACBOs further said government should fully account for all the donations given towards COVID-19, including by the private sector towards improving local health facilities.

“Government should publicly declare and fully account for all COVID-19-related donations given in kind, including all material support received from both domestic and international sources, among them the Alibaba Foundation, Africa Sun, USAid, some Chinese firms and the Global Fund,” ACBOs said.

“Ensure that there is full transparency regarding any engagement processes with private sector players on the resuscitation and renovations of health facilities to work as centres for COVID-19 cases,” ACBOs added.

The ACBOs said government was obligated to comply with the Abuja Declaration protocols which require States to allocate 15% of the gross domestic product towards healthcare.

The organisations also noted that all health facilities in the country should be fully functional and equipped with requisite modern equipment accessible to all citizens.

In addition, the organisations emphasised that all provinces in Zimbabwe should be equipped with authentic testing kits as a measure to establish the statuses of all suspicious cases brought to them for early detection.

“Ensure that functional screening and laboratory testing facilities are spread beyond the country’s major cities,” ACBOs also remarked.

Further, the organisations made a passionate plea for health professionals, civil servants and other supporting personnel at the forefront of handling coronavirus cases not be victimised through providing them with standard protective clothing.

They said government should also ensure that the police and soldiers deployed on COVID-19-related duties did not use violence against the citizenry.

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