Mudslinging, smear campaign rock MDC as rifts widen

  • Hwende accuses party bigwigs of fanning divisions
  • He says MDC has sound financials
  • Party has engaged auditors

MUDSLINGING and smear campaigns have rocked the opposition MDC as factional rifts widen amid reports of an impending High Court ruling aimed at ‘settling the main opposition leadership wrangle.’

As the cracks widen MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and the Secretary General Chalton Hwende are being accused of having misappropriated ZWL 2 million from the government’s political finance act funding.

This development comes after reports emerged that some MDC members want Hwende and Chamisa arrested on allegations that they misappropriated party funds.

However, in an exclusive interview with this publication Hwende denied the accusations saying that no money was reported to be missing and that all finances were handled by the party treasurer David Coltart.

The party has a treasurer who handles party funds, we only supervise him and Coltart never reported any funds missing.

“In fact there are no funds missing at all, we even invited auditors to come and audit our books at will  because we are adopting regular auditing of party books so as to be transparent with how we use the funds to the public,” Hwende said.

Hwende said these accusations are emanating from some members of the party who are bent on dividing the opposition.

This is the work of party enemies who find pleasure in seeing chaos in the MDC.

“These people are trying to distract us and there is no doubt some may be from within the party,” he explained.

Hwende said his party has cleared most of its debts which is an indication that the party finances are sound.

“We cleared most of our debts, we are on a healthy financial footing,” he said.