Mines ministry vehicle scandal update: former Perm Sec, directors under CID probe.

  • GVT vehicles can only be disposed of after 5 years
  • Mines ministry disposed of vehicles after 2 years
  • Directors then hired CMED vehicles worth $25 000/per month
  • There was looting stampede soon after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s take over of government
  • Cars to undergo re-valuation
  • CMED officials also face probe
  • CID demands all documentantion relating to the valutaion and purchase of the vehicles in question

Following last week’s investigation by the Zim Morning Post, implicating the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development former permanent secretary Munesu Munodawafa where he allegedly acted in connivance with other nine top directors and made irregular purchases of luxurious vehicles for a song, the Criminal Investigations Department (Anti-corruption unit) has instituted investigations.

The Zim Morning Post has it on good authority that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Anti Corruption Unit started investigations targeting Munodawafa and the nine directors in question.

This publication has learnt that the CID will this week probe the alleged officials and demand to see all documentation for the purchase of the luxury vehicles from former permanent secretary Munodawafa.

“It is true that the CID  anti-corruption unit is investigating the directors and will demand all documents including the evaluation reports,” revealed a  top official from the department who refused to be named.

It is believed that the CMED will also be probed for undervaluation and hiring of the outsourced vehicles to the top Ministry of Mines officials.

“The CID is also interested in establishing why the CMED would hire cars sourced from individuals to give the directors after they had purchased official ministry vehicles.

“There is strong suspicion that these cars that were hired belong to individuals who are closely associated or related to top CMED officials. It is clear there is a case of corruption,” added our source.

CMED allegedly hired six luxury vehicles to the Ministry of Mines executives at a cost of $24 000 per month.

The matter under probe stems out from allegations that Munodawafa along with nine executives, bought cars worth $500 000 for the ministry’s use but converted them to personal use and the vehicles were later sold at a mere $13 000 to the directors.

An impeccable source within the Public Service Commission (PSC) told this publication that for a vehicle to be disposed of, it needs to have been used for at least five years and currently there is no prescribed cap on the mileage.

Well, there is no cap on the mileage because the vehicles have different uses, for instance in the Ministry of Mines there is a lot of travelling between different mining areas.

“However for a vehicle to be disposed it needs to have reached at least five years from date of initial purchase,” revealed the official.

Investigations made by the Zim Morning Post established that the Ministry of Mines vehicles in question were sold to the nine directors after only two years since day of purchase.

Sources also said there was a stampede within government to loot vehicles before the in coming President Emmerson Mnangagwa had settled because no-one knew the changes he was to introduce.

The vehicles in question were bought in 2016 and the directors bought them for a song in September 2018 and all the vehicles had not surpassed 150 000 km mileage.

After buying the vehicles, the directors then resorted to hiring six luxurious vehicles from CMED for their use at a cost of $24 000 a month from the ministry’s coffers.

The directors who bought vehicles are as follows:

  • Julius Moyo (Matebeleland North) bought a Mazda BT50 (mileage 121 944 km).
  • Morgan Makina (finance director) Mazda BT50 registration number ADL4084 (mileage 150 000 km)
  • Dzidzisai Maenzanise (Human Resources director) BT50 registration number ADLD 4086
  • Muzemo Malcom (Mash Central) BT50 Registration number AEF 5905 (mileage 120 838 km)
  • Mugumbuta (Mash East) Mazda BT50 registration number ADL 4087
  • Mukandwa Mazda BT50 registration number ADL 4089 mileage (147 900km)
  • T Singizi  (ICT director) Mazda BT50 registration number ADL 4080 (mileage 146 914 km)
  • Jacqueline Munyonga (legal advisor) Mazda BT50 registration number ADL 4081 (mileage 117 000km)
  • Hawardi D  Mazda BT 50 registration number ADL6956 .

This publication also learnt that the former permanent secretary Munodawafa received  a ministry vehicle (Isuzu) in July 2018 and on September 10 of the same year he sought authority from PSC to have the vehicle converted to ‘personal issue vehicle’ and hastily sought authority to purchase the same vehicle along with the nine directors.

After buying the vehicles, the ministry’s director of finance Morgan Makina then facilitated the hiring of six luxury cars from CMED while they parked the other vehicles at home.

The directors who were allocated hired cars include one Munyonga who got a Ford Ranger (Reg number ABP7201), Makina (Isuzu Reg number ADF7397), Mazemo (Ford Ranger Reg number AEK 0193), Singizi (Toyota Hilux D4D Reg number AEF 6007).

Interestingly, these cars were outsourced by CMED from private individuals.