Mediocrity has no place in football


Mediocrity should not be celebrated in anyway; mediocre people should not be given a place or space to showcase their traits in local football.

Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) is constituted with mediocre thinking people, the kind of people who are in our football governing body are people who do understand or know the meaning of football.

Basing on what happened in Cairo, it appears our football leaders made an assumption that qualifying for a major tournament is like booking a ticket to a holiday destination or romantic getaway.

Alas, qualifying for a tournament like the Africa Cup of Nations is a major achievement and means serious business,  which need serious preparations, financially, physically and emotionally.

ZIFA bosses had more than enough time to prepare for this tournament but they turned out to best examples of poor planners and failures.

 They chose not to look for serious sponsors and use the pre-planning period to enjoy a ‘honeymoon’ at Prophet Walter Magaya’s  Waterfalls hotel.

Magaya’s love football is an open secret and he has heavily invested in the game.

However, what raises eyebrows is when a full national soccer team enjoys security provided by Magaya, as we have learnt.

“Surprisingly our national team was enjoying the security provided from PHD (Prophetic Healing and Deliverance) while the host nation was supposed to provide security for participating teams and supporters,” revealed  a source.

The Warriors were not mentally ready as a result of the ZIFA bosses’ ‘tricks and games’.

The threats of boycotts were the results of this mismanagement .

The ZIFA bosses had a  last minute dash  to set up a fundraising committee to source funds, but it is crystal clear that ZIFA receive money from the Football motherboard Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) and the Confederation of African Football  (CAF).

The ZIFA board believes in cheap things which is the major reason why they decided to go to this tournament under the guidance of a clueless and archaic coach Sunday Chidzambga whose tactics are so backwards.

Chidzambga’s supposed ‘advisors’ and assistants were all failed coaches leading to a scenario or rather analogy where a blind man leads another blind man.

This assertion is not based on hate but statistics and records are there to speak.

It is on record that Lloyd Mutasa was fired twice at Dynamos while Rahman Gumbo is currently clubless.

This ZIFA leadership needs to do small things right if we want to prosper in our football as a nation.

Shouldering wholesome blame on the players for failing to qualify beyond the group stage should be the secondary thing ,we should win matches before we go to the field of play, we should be mentally prepared to play games.

We still sing Go Warriors Go and 2022 world cup qualifiers will be starting soon and the time to prepare is now and I mean now!!!