‘MDC legislators are hypocrites’ …Togarepi fumes over budget presentation snub

Pupurai Togarepi

ZANU-PF and government Chief Whip Pupurai  Togarepi has taken a swipe at  MDC legislators, labeling them as   “hypocrites” and a bunch of greedy people who only think of their pockets at the expense of ordinary people.

His outburst follows the MDC legislators’ boycott of the recent budget presentation by Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube last week.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post this week, Togarepi said MDC legislators’s behaviour can be compared to that of greedy baboons and monkeys, who only want to benefit where they did not sow.

They flew to Victoria Falls for the budget seminar, they were there for allowances not for the people, they are like baboons and monkeys that only want to benefit where they did not sow,” said Togarepi.

MDC legislators boycotted the budget presentation citing legitimacy crisis in regards Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidency.

They submitted that he was not legitimate and they will never recognize him.

However, Togarepi said that their argument holds no water at all since they are benefiting from the perks which are authorized by Mnangangwa.

“They do not want to recognise President Mnangagwa but they do recognise perks which are approved by His Excellency, President Mnangagwa is legitimate to them when it suits their stomachs and pockets but when it comes to national development and the People of Zimbabwe he is not,” added Togarepi.

Togarepi said that ‘baboon and monkey’ element should not be expected from leaders who purport to represent the people.

Their monkey and baboon behaviour should not be tolerated especially coming from people who purport to represent the people, these guys actually represents their pockets and stomachs,” added Togarepi.

Mutare Central MP and MDC Secretary for Justice and Legal Affairs Innocent Gonese issued a statement on Friday castigating the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda who threatened to deal with the opposition party legislators for allegedly snubbing Mnangagwa.

“The MDC MPs were not in attendance due to genuine issues that had been highlighted to the Speaker of the National Assembly but which he decided not to disclose for reasons best known to him,” said Gonese in his statement.

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