MDC-A youths declare party presidency ‘not vacant’…as Mwonzora is tipped to contest

By Fanuel Mapfumo

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Harare Province has declared war on anyone who dares to challenge party leader Nelson Chamisa in the upcoming elective congress slated for May 24-May 26.

In apparent reference to secretary general Douglas Mwonzora, the youths told journalists Monday in the capital  that they declare war any presidential hopeful in the upcoming elective congress.

Mwonzora has however not at any point categorically stated which position he is eyeing but he has made it clear that as senior party member he is free to contest for any position.

His loyalists have however hinted that he is likely to vye for the vice -presidency post in a calculated move to save his political career.

Lately, he has been labelled a Zanu PF ‘project’ with people peddling that information suggesting that he is a ‘mature’ candidate than Chamisa.

He has also previously  defeated Chamisa in an election for  the secretary general position in 2014.

The Harare Province Youth Assembly over the weekend had two meetings in which they made a resolution that only Nelson Chamisa will be their candidate in the much awaited congress.

The Provincial Youth Assembly Vice Chairman Stan Manyenga said the youth assembly had agreed that they would not support any candidate for the presidential position other than Nelson Chamisa.

“A reckless and Zanu PF supported presidential supported choice would weaken the party ahead of future elections and the youth assembly would not tolerate that candidate who has a blessing from the ruling party.” said Manyenga.

The Youth Assembly however said other positions can be contested freely and the province  will make sure it will create a conducive environment for willing candidates.

“ We will create an equal platform and conducive environment for candidates who intend to campaign for positions for vice president and below to campaign  freely and peacefully,” said Manyenga.

During the press briefing,  the youth assembly leaders vowed not to support any other president that will be elected at the congress since they know it will be an ‘imposter’ put in place by the ruling party Zanu PF to distract the democratic agenda of the party.  

The battle for the top post in the MDC A seems to be intensifying everyday since the date of the congress was announced last week.

Those supporting Douglas Mwonzora seem to be scared to speak out leaving many people guessing his candidature.

Recently Mwonzora has been labelled as a Zanu PF project a label which is likely to scare his supporters or any other presidential hopeful. However those supporting Nelson Chamisa have been supporting openly during mainstream media interviews as well as on social media.