Malawi ConCourt exposes EU, US election observer teams’ duplicity

  • The outcome has exposed Sadc for endorsing a sham election
  • Ruling leaves Sadc, AU, EU, US with egg on face

MALAWI’S Constitutional Court (ConCourt) on Monday annulled last year’s controversial election which saw President Peter Mutharika narrowly re-elected.

The ConCourt judges found widespread irregularities in the May 21, 2019 plebscite.

This is the first election to be legally challenged by that country’s opposition since Malawi became independent from Britain in 1964.

A new election will take place within 150 days.

There have been regular anti-government protests in Malawi since the May 21 disputed polls.

Questions have, however, been raised on election-observer bodies that endorsed the results.

Some analyst have criticised the European Union and the United States for attempting to play god when it comes to democracy.

“The Malawi Concourt ruling exposes the US and EU as fake prefects of democracy but mercenaries who only endorse some outcomes and reject others, depending on what brings economic convenience to them.

If one examines the noise they have made over the Zimbabwe elections, one would have thought they are God’s deputies over democracy. The ruling leaves them (exposed). They must be re-schooled on democracy,” analyst Tafadzwa Mugwadi said.

Another commentator, Brighton Nyamande said the ConCourt had also exposed the Southern Africa Development Committee (Sadc) for failing the region.

“The outcome has exposed Sadc for its lack of due diligence. When it comes to elections, Sadc is just there to protect a clique of dictators at the expense of the people,” Nyamande said.

Political analyst Kudakwashe Munemo took a dig at electoral bodies: “The landmark judgment in Malawi is not only a victory to Malawi but to Africa and the world at large. It exposes the rubber-stamping observer clubs that are bent on maintaining the status quo at the expense of the law,” Munemo said.

While there have been disputes over past elections in Malawi, this is the first time a presidential vote result has been overturned.

It is the second country in Africa to see its election results annulled, after Kenya’s top court in 2017 overturned the result of a presidential vote.

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