Magombeyi abduction: ZANU PF youth league urges doctor to cooperate with police


Report by Chief Reporter Philemon Jambaya

NATIONAL youth secretary Pupurai Togarepi has urged Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA) Acting President Peter Magombeyi who was allegedly ‘abducted’ and mysteriously re-appeared on Thursday to cooperate with police so that perpetrators are brought to book.

Dr Magombeyi went missing for some days with his whereabouts unknown only to resurface on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post on Friday evening, Togarepi said it was a positive development that Magombeyi was found “safe and sound with no injuries” (on his own admission) but he must do the honorable thing  and assist the police with leads to arrest the culprits of the alleged ‘abduction’.

“We are happy that Dr Magombeyi was found safe and sound.

“We participated in the social media call for his safe return because we were worried about the unnecessary loss of lives in our healthcare system caused by his so called abduction.

“There were reports that he advised his housemate that he was going to church and in that vein if he is a Christian his heart must be bleeding for the loss of lives at hospitals after doctors and nurses downed tools in solidarity with his so called abductions.

‘May the good doctor do a noble thing and cooperate with the law enforcement agents,” said Togarepi.

He emphasized that Zimbabwe is not seized with anarchy and therefore any aggrieved citizen must furnish police with information that leads to justice delivery otherwise failure of such will be obstruction of the natural course of justice.

“Dr Magombeyi had the audacity to give audience to media notably Studio 7 which is sponsored by the United States but he refuses to give the police information.

“The media has no arresting powers so what end is he trying to achieve.

“He is a beneficiary of the government’s vibrant education policy which we trust that such products have wisdom.

“He is a youth and   myself and the revolutionary party urge  him to support the police and  further interests of his constituents which is the youths.

‘Maybe if he exposes the alleged culprits we will unearth the other spate of so called abductions that have made noise.

‘I also note with concern that he was found with a clean shaven beard in Nyabira in the vicinity of the US Embassy, my understanding is when a person is abducted he cant have access to cosmetology let alone charging his cellphone

“Abduction by in its very nature is supposed to be a  nasty experience but on the good doctor is experience it appears he never experienced such,” Togarepi said.

Magombeyi ‘re-appeared’ in Nyabira and spoke to several media houses saying that he was safe and sound.

He claimed that he had a hazy recollection of events but in his seemingly selective amnesia, he remembered that three assailants wearing balaclavas kidnapped him and used little to no force upon him.

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