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Lovejoy Chitengu Takes Charge as Harare New Mayor Amidst Recalls

Lovejoy Chitengu Takes Charge as Harare New Mayor Amidst Recalls

Harare City Council has elected  Councillor Lovejoy Chitengu as the new Mayor of Harare, following the recent recalls within the council.

Recalls and New Leadership

Councillor Ian Makone and his Deputy Kudzai Kadzombe were recalled by Sengezo Tshabangu, prompting the appointment of Lovejoy Chitengu as the city’s new leader. Rosemary Muronda will serve as Chitengu’s deputy.

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Confirmation by CCC Deputy Spokesperson

Gift Ostallos Siziba, CCC deputy spokesperson, confirmed the news of Chitengu’s appointment, citing the recalls as the reason behind the change in leadership. “We have deployed Councillor Lovejoy Chitengu to spearhead the leadership of Harare City council. This was necessitated by Zanupf’ sponsored recalls that removed Mayor Ian Makoni and his Deputy Kudzai Kadzombe. Lovejoy will he deputized by Rosemary Muronda,” stated Ostallos.

Public Reaction

Netizens took to social media platforms to express their opinions on the matter. Some voiced concerns over the continuous recalls, questioning the stability and longevity of the council’s leadership.

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Some suggested that CCC should challenge the recalls legally and not participate in the election on the 9th of December. Others expressed a desire for the people to assert their power and influence in the decision-making process.

Netizens Reactions


I think the best was to challenge the illegal recalls & make sure that there is no elections of another mayor pending the challenging of those illegal recalls.Makone is still Harare mayor.


How long will this go on? At this rate he will recall them all.


I wish the people can go all out and show Vene and his stoogie in the name Tshabangu that power belongs to the people


Chief you have deployed nothing and are in control of a whole lot of nothingness. You have all shown dismal organizational security and have failed to protect even yourself beyond your spurios private begging of Thsabangu…but your recall is certaily on its way as well


I give up. Now Zanu pf is making decisions on who is to be mayor and who not.