International investigator on Global Fund forex leakages

CHINHOYI– The suspected forex leakages in the ministry of health departments under Global Fund sponsored programs is now under spotlight as eyes of  an international investigator are on the matter after the arrival of the Geneva based team this week.

According to a communique gleaned by  Zim Morning Post  it has emerged that there are some grey areas under the program.

The donor funding round expires in 2022.

The communique is  titled CMS 581/2019 Zimbabwe anf was authored by   Kathryn Hodson Head of Investigations from Office of the Inspector General at Global Fund headquarters in Switzerland.

Hodson acknowledged anomalies sent to her office through a detailed report and she says investigations are underway.

‘‘We have determined that there are elements of your report that suggest ‘prohibited practices’ may have taken place that could have an impact on our mission.

‘‘In such cases, we first make a more detailed assessment to collect and examine facts and may then decide to open an investigation. In the coming weeks, an investigator may reach out to you. We will continue to keep you informed as to the progress of this assessment. In the meantime, thank you again for contacting us and Speaking Out!,’ says Hodson.

The response comes as workers under the health sector revealed that they were being abused and failing to get their salaries on time.

One worker expressed concern that their contracts renewed annually do not specify their salaries.

We are not sure how this had been going and we had no one to talk to over our challenges as our national officials look down us upon,’ said our source.

Among primary counsellors their bone of contention is that they are getting salaries in RTGS$ yet the money is deposited in United States Dollars from Geneva.

We have been signing contracts but we are not allowed to fill in what amount we are getting and they will fill the forms at head office,’ said one of our sources declining to be named.

 Last week a meeting was held and ministry of health director Owen Mugurungi apologised on ‘misconduct’ by some officials at Zimbabwe National Counsellors offices who snubbed a four- member team that wanted audience with Beatrice Dupwa at her offices.

‘‘For accountability Global Fund insisted on bank transfers that can be accounted for,’’ added one of the sources speaking on condition that he is not named.

The workers are battling to get outstanding salaries since January this year that should have been in forex while some had gone for several years without salaries on time.