Immigration director tours border posts

The newly appointed chief director of the Department of Immigration Respect  Gono  has embarked on a tour where she is assessing the rehabilitation works being carried out at various entry posts under the Rapid Results Initiative programme.

Gono is engaging with various stakeholders with the aim of appreciating their operations at border posts and making efforts to find opportunities that may benefit the department to go forward.

“The tour includes engaging various stakeholders with the view to have a general appreciation of their operations ,as well as exploring possible synergies and opportunities that may be exploited to enhance the department’s efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of immigration services,” she said .

She noted that she has been going through all the information relating to different divisions ranging from their functions, achievements, possible challenges to possible solutions  which will give travellers a greater convenience.

“The department has asked all stakeholders to make detailed presentations on their functions, achievements and possible solutions to challenges concerning their divisions and have been going through them by one,”said Gono.

She revealed that her department has been putting in place a digitalization strategy which includes online visa application and payment system services in order to embrace the advantages of using technology which will show the department’s commitment in making a change to meet the international standards by allowing a paperless system.

The online visa application processing and payment facility as well as the machine generated visa are further demonstrations of the Department’s commitment to continuously automate and improve its operations in line with international best practices with the ultimate objective of creating paperless systems and processes.” said Gono.

Gono was appointed by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa in April 2019, succeeding Clemence Masango who took over as the Registrar General of Zimbabwe in September of 2018.