Kirsty Coventry commits to refurbish stadiums

  • Zim stadiums have deteriorated for ages
  • CAF bans all stadiums from hosting football matches in Barbourfields

YOUTH, Sports, Arts and Recreation minister Kirsty Coventry has on Thursday, spoken out on the dilapidated state of the local stadiums and made a commitment to refurbish them.

She however categorically stated that the process cannot be completed overnight.

Coventry registered her concerns via her micro-blogging twitter handle;

 “We all know that the stadiums in Zimbabwe have been deteriorating for ages but it is now my responsibility to make sure we fix this mess. Overnight solutions will not work but know that I am on it. I will keep you posted so don’t listen to other nonsense out there,” read her tweet.

This comes after the Confederation of African Football (CAF) on Wednesday banned all the stadiums in Zimbabwe from hosting international football matches because they do not meet CAF international standards.

CAF banned the use of Barbourfields, the latest stadium to be condemned, after the National Sports Stadium, Gwanzura and Rufaro were declared unsuitable to host international matches.

Municipalities have been accused of dragging their feet in the refurbishment of stadiums, while the National Sports Stadium is owned by government , through the Sports and Recreation Commision.

Earlier on, Acting Leader of Government Business in Parliament, State Security Minister Owen Ncube, lambasted local authorities and blamed them for failing to maintain stadiums.

“It is the responsibility of local authorities to refurbish stadiums, but if financial resources were there it was going to be government responsibility,” Ncube said.

Gwanzura stadium in Highfield had been turned into a love nest by commercial sex workers operating around the Machipisa area where there is brisk business.

Several independent organisations have started lobby campaigns to see the stadium rehabilitated.

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