Govt urges MDC to respect rule of law

The government has warned the Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) to refrain from the illegal activities of undermining the legitimate authority following MDC deputy chairperson Job Sikhala’s  rants suggesting same  in Masvingo on Saturday.

Addressing his party supporters at a rally in Bikita on Saturday, Sikhala declared that his party was going to illegally overthrow the legitimate president Emmerson Mnangagwa before the expiry of his term in office.

 “We are a committed leadership that will give Zanu PF headaches and [Amos] Chibaya was not lying or joking about the war and fight we are going to take to the doorsteps of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“ We are going to overthrow him before 2023 that is not a joke,” he said.

 In response Information, Publicity  and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Nick Mangwana , condemned such illegal acts.

It is an illegal action and it results to a serious crime, the government will make sure that constitutional order is maintained.

 “The illegal undermining of a legitimate authority is a serious crime.

“Trying to overthrow a government is a subversive and government will not hesitate to deploy the secretary institutions to constrain such abuse of democratic tenets and maintain the constitutional order,”he said.

He further highlighted that Zimbabwe is a peaceful country and it is maintained by ensuring that those who threaten the government will be incarcerated.

 “That status of a peaceful country will be maintained by ensuring those that threaten democracy and the liberal values adopted by the new dispensation are tried and if convicted ,removed from society and put in places where they do not pose a threat to the rest of civilized society, ” he said.

The MDC has been threatening to demonstrate against government over high cost of living and skyrocketing of prices.

Mnangagwa is confident, however, that polices put in place by Finance minister Mthuli Ncube have already started bearing fruit, insisting prices have already started falling.

 MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, however, yesterday said it was demonic for the government to claim prices are falling at a time the Zimdollar is falling even on the interbank platform.