HCC wants multifaceted approach to water problems

HARARE Mayor Hebert Gomba says government should allow the municipality and other stakeholders space to find a lasting solution to the city’s water crisis.
In an interview with Zim Morning Post on Tuesday, Gomba said Harare City Council (HCC) said contrary to media reports, the city had not failed to deal with the water crisis, adding that the the decision to look for alternative chemicals in order to improve water quality had come from them.
We believe contemporary solutions can be found. That is why we flighted a tender to that effect. 
“We are  seeking solutions to mitigate the water problems currently affecting the capital, and we are also keen to explore the efficiency of new chemicals.”
Gomba said as HCC, they  appreciated the support given by government, adding that they wanted  more stakeholders to be involved in the search for a lasting solution to the water crisis.
Water issues require government, local authorities and residents to work as a collective since each entity has a responsibility at law to do something on the water issue,” he said.
Recently, the Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Senator Oliver Chidawu blamed the town clerk, Hosiah Chisango, for the water crisis, saying he was incompetent and accounted for the reason the municipality could be abusing funds provided by the government.
In response to Chidawu, Gomba said there was nothing wrong with Chisango.
On the issue of sitting on tenders, Gomba said: “The issue of sitting on tenders has been discussed between me and the provincial minister, and it is fair to say councillors were legislated out of the processes.
This has been relayed to Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo, with a view of asking him to make a stipulation that allows for more oversight from the elected officials.
Otherwise, it is not fair to ask those not involved to comment on matters they are not involved in,” Gomba said.