Harare Provincial affairs minister: Who is the front runner?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa finds himself facing a tough choice in his selection of the new Harare Provincial Affairs minister.

Given his limited choices within Zanu-PF, the Zimbabwe Morning Post looks at the most likely candidates for the post.

Omega Hungwe:

Former Dzvivarasekwa legislator and currently the Zanu-PF’s deputy national political commissar.

Her role in the party, given the aggressive restructuring of the new dispensation means she already has her plate full. Mnangagwa is likely to take this into consideration. The party’s national commissar Engelbert Rugeje has found the going tough and needs able support from Hungwe.

Tongai Mnangagwa:

Currently the Harare South Member of Parliament. He has the potential but the biggest challenge is that he is the president’s nephew. President Mnangagwa is likely keen to avoid any appearances of nepotism, especially given it was a major accusation against former President Robert Mugabe.

Cleveria Chizema:

Despite her blaming former President Mugabe for Zimbabwe’s current economic woes, it has been speculated that the Politburo member has close links to the Mugabe family and is possibly a relative. With this in mind Mnangagwa is likely to avoid her being appointed.

Miriam Chikukwa:

Former Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province, she is alleged to be a member of the G40 faction that opposed Mnangagwa during his time as vice-president.  Chikukwa was also embarassingly booed at the party’s December congress in 2017 as party members demanded she be ousted from the party. Last year she was also rejected by Harare Province making her a most unlikely provincial minister.

Oliver Chidau:

Suceeding Tizirai Gwata, Chidau became Harare’s second black mayor from 1984 to 1988 and has been in the party structures for quite some time. Always out of controversy and media shy, Chidau, a Chartered Engineer, is a close Mnangagwa ally, currently a Zanu PF senator for Harare. Given his experience, Chidau is leading the pack to be the next Harare Metropolitan provincial affairs minister.