GMAZ bemoans load shedding on milling industries


GRAIN Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) has implored the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) to exempt some of the milling industries from load shedding as it affects supply of grain in the  market.

GMAZ Chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara on Friday said load shedding has affected the milling industry in the production of maize meal.

He also said GMAZ has urged the Minister of Energy, Fortune Chasi to exempt some of the mills from load shedding so as to improve the availability of milling products in the shelves.

“The biggest challenge we are facing like any other industry, is the availability of electricity. Blue Ribbon is the second largest miller in the country and is the worst affected.

“As much as wheat is coming in, we are working very well with the Minister of energy and we have submitted our formal request for certain mills to be reenfenced, that means they will be exempted from load shedding.”

“This is to ensure that the maize meal, flour and all other products are in the shelves. At the moment we have seen some decline in maize meal on the account of electricity,” he said.

Load shedding is currently on stage two, regardless of assurance given by Chasi two weeks ago that there will be a relief after government received 400MW from ESKOM of South Africa.

Fullard Gwasira, ZESA spokesperson yesterday on his Twitter handle confirmed that load shedding has gone to stage two after depressed generation of power.

“Load-shedding is at Stage 2. The small Stage 1 generators, whilst online, are producing very little and a major Stage 2 unit gone out for repairs. Shedding has increased phenomenally,” he said.


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