Ginimbi denied bail

  • Remanded to February 20
  • He is facing fresh fraud charges

BUSINESSMAN and socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure who is facing fresh charges of fraud on Friday was denied bail by Chief Magistrate Chrispen Mberewere.

Ginimbi was on Monday called to report at the Police headquarters.

He went to surrender himself to the police on Tuesday in the company of his lawyer Jonathan Samukange where he was arrested.

The state opposed bail as they consider him a flight risk.

Mberewere said some of the reasons presented by the state were not applicable to the court as he is already on bail for another case.

The chief magistrate also added that a person who commits a crime while on bail proves to have no regard for the law and the court that grants him bail will be doing an irresponsible thing.

Kadungure is facing fraud charges of forging the value of a Bentley vehicle that he had bought at LSM Distributors Private Limited trading as Bentley Johannesburg in Melrose Boulevard, Johannesburg South Africa in 2019.

State claims that he paid US$81 000 duty charge instead of US$139 666.09 leading to a prejudice of US$58 665.09.

Ginimbi paid all of the prejudice when he was asked to.

He was remanded to February 20.

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