Gaika School authorities, churches and community welcome Gvt decision to evict mine invaders

Gaika school teachers, the local school development association and churches have welcomed the decision by government to evict illegal mine invaders who took control of Gaika mine since February 2018.

This comes on the backdrop of the move by government to evict the illegal invaders after a prolonged legal battle by Gaika mine owners with a group of Zanu PF youths who had vowed to continue illegal operations.

The illegal miners who had invaded Gaika gold mine in Kwekwe where on Tuesday evicted and heavily armed members from the military and police force sealed off the mine and cordoned off the whole mining area. The invaders heightened looting few days prior to eviction tip off – but have been laying stealing ore since Mupereri led invasions in February 2018.
Tonnes of ore was transported to surrounding mills believed to be owned by powerful politicians from the ruling party.
As the security forces came in at around 5am in the morning, invaders could be seen transporting their equipment and belongings.

A snap survey in the mining town showed that most of the invaders come from far away places and they could be seen milling in Kwekwe town aimlessly amid fears of an increase in crime rate. Some of them could be seen removing their ZANU PF regalia that had technically become their “uniform.”

“This is a welcome move because Kwekwe had been reduced to a death-hole as machete wars took centre stage,” said a local Pentecostal pastor.

“We have been praying for this to happen so that there is peace. We have no problem with people seeking livelihood through mining but we were getting concerned with the crime rates and increased murders in the community.”

An authority at Gaika school said the teachers and parents at the school also welcome the move because “they were literally living under the shadow of death” as blasting took place anytime of the day 300 metres away from the school premises.

“They had now commenced mining in our sports field but we could not stop them,” said one senior teacher.

“Last time teachers and grade two leaners escaped death after a rock hit their roof and landed into the classroom.”

The eviction comes at a time when the Chief Justice, Luke Malaba has ordered the imminent arrest of the former Mbizo legislator, Vongai Mupereri, for contempt of court after he ignored several court orders directing him to stop the illegal miners from operations.