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EEG tells Chamisa to accept election results and move on

HARARE – The Economic Empowerment Group (EEG) has urged Nelson Chamisa to gracefully accept the election results and “let the nation move forward.”

EEG Vice President Munyaradzi Kashambe emphasized that President Mnangagwa’s invitation for dialogue is open, urging Chamisa to prioritize engagement over acrimony.

Kashambe pointed out that while opposition figures like Fadzai Mahere swiftly pinned their tweets on their profiles, celebrating their victories as MPs, Chamisa has trashed the process.

“They only accept results that favour them,” Kashambe told the media in Harare earlier today.

Kashambe pointed out that electoral reforms had not been a focal point during the opposition’s parliamentary tenure, questioning their recent intensity.

He encouraged the opposition to regroup for future elections, acknowledging that every electoral contest has its winners and losers.

The EEG congratulated Mnangagwa for winning the 2023 harmonised elections and for Zanu PF securing majority seats in Parliament.

Kashambe stressed the need for Zimbabwe to move on and take the nation forward with #Vision2030.

He said that anti-progressive elements should not be tolerated as they hinder economic progress as many investors are waiting to come and do business in Zimbabwe.

“The opposition can’t waste time for Zimbabweans when they have no proof that the election was not free and fair. Their claims should be backed by evidence or else they should just keep quiet and accept the election results,” he said.

Kashambe gave an example of himself and the EEG founder Scott Sakupwanya who also participated in the recent elections and lost.

“We have both accepted the results and have moved on, working towards progress in line with National Development Strategy – 1 (NDS – 1). The opposition should also accept the outcome and move on,” Kashambe said.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of EEG Tapiwa Chikondowa thanked the people of Zimbabwe for voting peacefully.

The electoral commission said Mnangagwa received roughly 53% of the vote against 44% for the CCC’s Nelson Chamisa. But political analysts were quick to question the credibility of the electoral process, with the CCC calling for a rerun.