ED, we are coming for you: MDC

MUTARE – The MDC youth assembly has said it will join forces with millions of suffering Zimbabweans to embark on a massive campaign to remove President Emmerson Mnangagwa from power, accusing him of failing to solve the deteriorating social and economic situation in the country.

Addressing MDC supporters at the belated victory celebrations for Dangamvura/Chikanga constituency won by Prosper Mutseyami held at Dangamvura Primary slSchool on Saturday.

MDC Youth Assembly secretary general Ostallos Siziba said MDC youth will gang up with citizens and confront Mnangagwa and cause him to resign.

First of all, it is known everywhere that the MDC won the (past election).

“We are the majority. But look at our future as the youth, it is bleak. Everything is down,” he said.

What is going to happen is that we are going door-by-door mobilising citizens to march against ED and force him to resign. This is now a people’s struggle. Everyone in Zimbabwe has been affected by Mnangagwa’s dictatorship.

It’s all for us now to unite and fight for our economic and social cause,” he said.

Siziba said Mnangagwa would end up a villain, just like what other African leaders, including Zimbabwe’s late former President of Robert Mugabe did.

By the look of it, all things are getting worse than before when Mugabe was there. As we stand, 95 percent of Zimbabweans are unemployed and many people are surviving on handouts,” Siziba said.

We say enough is enough. As youths, we say no and we are coming for you ED,” Siziba said amid huge cheers.

What happened to Mugabe in November 2017 will also happen to him (Mnangagwa). Yes, he works with soldiers and police to beat up people, but those soldiers and police officers are our brothers and sisters who are also very hungry. We are going for Mnangagwa,” he added.

The MDC’s calls come amid growing concerns by civic society, churches and labour organisations to pressure Mnangagwa to resign or allow a level playing field by having a dialogue with MDC leader Nelson Chamisa.