Divisions rock Rainbow Amateur Netball League

  • Clubs say sponsor micromanaging day-to-day running of league
  • RANL dismisses accusations of favouritism by some netball affiliates

THE recently formed Rainbow Amateur Netball League (RANL) is allegedlly already in danger of failure, with many teams accusing the league’s executive and sponsor of favouritism.

The league – which is still in its infancy – broke away from the Zimbabwe Netball Association (ZNA) two years ago citing maladminstration by the Leticia Chipandu-led executive.

Fissures, however, are widening within the RANL, with disgruntled teams accusing the sponsor, Aaron Chinhara, of dictatorial tendencies, claiming he disregards some of the laid down rules and procedures.

“The problem is that nobody can stand up to the interference by Chinhara, so at times the executive is just pushed to do as he pleases.

“There are some teams that are regarded as untouchables within the league, just because the sponsor likes them,” one club official told Zim Morning Post.

Another official weighed in, saying the league risked reverting back to the same malpractices which led them to break away from the ZNA in the past.

“Right now, there was a closing date for the registration of players, but it was made to suspiciously remain in place indefinitely in order to accommodate other teams who had failed to meet the registration deadline.

“This has been happening for long, with some teams always getting preferential treatment, especially the sponsor’s team, Glow Petroleum,” the other official said.

Reached for comment, RANL spokesperson Moses Gukurume denied any claims of malpractices, saying the league was being run professionally.

“It’s not true that there is favouritism. There are clubs who said it had taken long to secure sponsorship, so they wanted an extension of the registration window and we did exactly that.

“It’s not like the executive members want to favour certain teams,” Gukurume said.


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