Baba Guti speaks on COVID-19

  • Archbishop in COVID-19 second utterance
  • Guti tells ZAOGA Forward In Faith International followers to remain resolute
  • Leader says Christians should set their lives right with God

ARCHBISHOP Ezekiel Guti of the ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries on Friday released a communique to the church’s followers worldwide on the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the letter, Archbishop Guti urged his followers around the globe to remain resolute in the face of the coronavirus, saying they should invest their trust in divine providence.

“With reference to what is happening in the world today, we don’t have to be afraid.

“During this year’s ten days of prayer and fasting, we prayed to God to protect us during the year.

“I want to say to all members of ZAOGA Forward In Faith International, do not be afraid,” he said.

In the letter, Archbishop Guti, popularly known by his multitude of his followers worldwide as the “Man of God”, reminded his congregants of his earlier prophetic utterances in January, where he said the year 2020 would bear significant spiritual events.

“As I have already told you in the ten days letter, that the year 2020 is different from all the other years.

“We need to be strong as never before, because there are things in the spiritual world that I cannot be able to explain, except that I encourage everyone to make sure that your relationship with God is right,” he said.

Besides admonishing his ZAOGA Forward In Faith International membership against falling foul to fear, the “Man of God” advised his Zimbabwean congregants to obey whatever their goverment told them during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obey what you are told to do by your goverment, because that is right,” Archbishop Guti said.

At the beginning of the year, a letter allegedlly written by Archbishop Guti and seen by Zim Morning Post went viral on social media, with the “Man of God” telling his followers that 2020 was going to usher in unique spiritual events which God had not permitted him to divulge.

Archbishop Guti is founder of arguably one of the biggest churches in Zimbabwe, with his followers now scattered in almost every country around the globe.