Chasi skins a live snake as Zesa gets 100 megawatts from Mozambique

ENERGY and Power Development minister Fortune Chasi this week sharpened his sword for a fierce confrontation with errant Zesa managers believed to be derailing his roadmap towards resuscitation of the power utility, including resolving the current power crisis, Zim Morning Post can report.

MOZAMBIQUE’S Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) will this week feed 100 megawatts into the country’s power grid, a move likely to ease power shortages in Zimbabwe, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

The latest development is a result of the visit by Energy Development minister Fortune Chasi who went to negotiate for a payment plan in Mozambique a week ago.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post, Chasi said the deal with HCB will add 100 megawatts  to the grid.

The deal is firm, and we are confident that by the end of this week – if not today – we will be having more power for our industries,” Chasi said.

With regards to details of the agreement signed between the Mozambique and Zimbabwe, Chasi said the deal was long term but bonded by consistency in payments.

“After paying part of what we owe them, we made a payment plan. We will pay what we are using as well as settle the debt so that they won’t cut the supply,” Chasi added.

Chasi said the priority currently was the productive sector. Accordingly, the 100 megawatt deal would supplement the current 400 megawatt facility from Eskom of South Africa.

Asked to explain why there has been little change in power supply even after paying Eskom, Chasi said: “What we got from Eskom was an overdraft facility which is charged per usage, therefore, if we over use it, we will end up paying double the price so for now, our top priority is production,” Chasi added.

The move to supply industries with enough electricity comes after the business owners agreed to pay electricity bills in foreign currency.

“If our industry stops functioning, that means we would have failed as a country”, Chasi added.


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