Joram Gumbo initial court hearing fails to kick-off…minister not off the hook yet


POLICY implementation minister Joram Gumbo’s initial court hearing failed to kick-off Tuesday at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts amid confusion over the charges preferred against the minister.

Gumbo, who is facing corruption and abuse of power charges while in charge at the Transport ministry, was escorted to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) head office after briefly appearing at the courts.

Insiders said the anti-graft body intended to add more charges on the former Transport minister.

 Arresting details had also not presented a warned and cautioned statement to Gumbo for one of the charges, resulting in the initial hearing failing to take-off.

His lawyer, Selby Hwacha, also appeared to be in the dark over the lack of decisiveness by the prosecuting team, saying they did not know why they were being called back to the Zacc head office.

Hwacha added that they were not warned on the charges involving an obscure US$37 million but only the ones related to Central Medical Emergency Dispatch and Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.

There were also investigations related to Zimbabwe Airways, with the minister said to have been the brains behind the dubious deal where government acquired two aircrafts from Malaysia. 

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