Divisions rock MDC MPs on whether or not to attend Parliament


MDC Alliance Secretary for Policy and Research Tapiwa Mashakada on Tuesday urged all MPs who purport to support Nelson Chamisa not to disengage from Parliament.

Mashakada said refusing to accept the decisions of the courts was akin to playing into the hands of the State and judiciary.

The veteran MDC politician recommended that all MDC Alliance legislators should go back to Parliament and await their fate from there.

In view of all the courts shenanigans, I recommend that the MDC Alliance MPs go back to Parliament and be fired one by one,” Mashakada said.

The public response will be different than if MPs boycott Parliament at the behest of a directive from their party,” he said.

Mashakada said the reaction of the international community and voters to a recall as opposed to a self-censored and unilateral withdrawal of MDC Alliance MPs and councillors would also be different.

Continuing with disengagement is an act of omission and commission. It is an act of omission on account of neglecting to occupy the democratic space and a commission on account of rendering all our elected MPs and councillors stranded assets.

We are simply flushing down the drain all that we have sweated for over the past elections,” Mashakada said.

I appeal for Solomonic wisdom so that we don’t say let us divide and cut the child (MPs) into two halves” he added.

Mashakada said disengaging Parliament and local authorities was not an appropriate and effective political strategy.

Consultative meetings held so far have yielded mixed results. Some have endorsed the disengagement while other constituencies (and they are many) have ordered their MPs to go back to Parliament and face the consequences (looking the beast in the eye).

“We must avoid a replay of the 2005 Senate debate which divided the party, only to participate in Senate elections the morning after,” he added.

Mashakada has also urged the MDC Alliance to form a new political party with a different name or regularise the MDC Alliance into a legal persona.


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