Chamisa steps up diplomatic offensive mission

The MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa on Tuesday met with the former president of Botswana Ian Seretse Khama as he intensifies his diplomatic offensive mission.

Chamisa described the meeting  as a hugely enriching engagement and further described Ian Khama as a well of wisdom.

“Had a hugely enriching engagement with H.E Ian Khama,the former President of the Republic of Botswana. “So fulfilling to tap and drink from this well of wisdom. Fixing African problems to make all African countries citadels of democracy and prosperity is key! #leadership matters” wrote Chamisa on micro-blogging site Facebook.

Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume maintained that international relations is the key part in rebuilding the nation and meaningful dialogue hence the reason for the meeting with Khama.

“ As stated before international relations is a key part of the rebuilding of the nation and meaningful dialogue. ZImbabwe needs all the help it can get .When he gets back the president will give a briefing as appropriate or should it be appropriate,” said Mafume.

Asked about the meeting, the presidential spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda said Chamisa was concerned with the current crisis in the country hence he is engaging in this mission so as to inform African leaders about the issue at hand.

According to Sibanda,  Chamisa believes that Zimbabwe is part of a bigger African family therefore African counsel and support are fundamental.

He further alluded that Chamisa believes Africans are one people who share  their burdens and challenges thus engagement with Africa helps paint a holistic picture and pinpoints the roles that each of us have in our collective destiny.

Said Sibanda:

“The president’s visit to the Republic of Botswana, is an enriching engagement. The president relished the opportunity to tap and drink from some of the greatest minds and guarantors of wisdom and democracy on the African continent. His engagements consolidate his idea that fixing African problems must include making all African countries citadels of democracy and prosperity as a key component for progress.”

Chamisa is said to be engaging with African leaders and Tuesday’s visit was a continuation of the the mission that was started in February soon after the January 14 demonstrations which saw more than 15 people being killed in a military crackdown.

Details of Chamisa’s meetings in West Africa were never availed to the public and he maintained the position after his meeting with Khama on Tuesday.

“ Details of his meeting can not be availed through public media,” said Sibanda.