Dangarembizi sort trial postponement to attend Mugabe’s funeral

SUSPECTED armed robber Carlington Marasha (29) on Tuesday appeared at the Harare magistrate’s court to answer to his charge

Controversial Rodney Dangarembizi dumped his lawyer Thursday afternoon after failing to postpone his trial amid reports he wanted to attend former president Robert Mugabe’s funeral.

Dangarembizi is set to appear before Provincial magistrate Maturure for trial commencement in a case in which he stands accused of theft.

Reports are that Dangarembizi who was represented by Alec Muchadehama filled several applications before the court in an attempt to avoid trial but they were all thrown out.

Dangarembizi through his lawyer had made an application for postponement to attend Mugabe’s funeral which was dismissed on the grounds that it was a national and state led funeral not his personal business.

Further, he made an application for review of the court’s decision to dismiss his plea for further particulars.

He also made an application to have the magistrate recused from the matter but all his attempts were in vain.

All these applications were dismissed with a stern warning to his lawyer who the court accused of acting in an unbecoming manner and making frivolous applications.

Prosecuting George Manokore proceeded to begin trial to which Dangarembizi responded making indications that he needed to find a new lawyer as he had parted ways with Muchadehama.

The matter was then postponed to Friday for trial. Dangarembizi is being accused of theft after he diverted USD 580 000 for personal use.

Allegations are that sometime in June 2017 Anthony Denga, an investor engaged Dangarembizi to assist him in recovering 360 metric tonnes of fertilizer from Windmill after the fertilizer manufacturing company had failed to make the payment prompting Denga to cancel the transaction.

Dangarembizi managed to get the quantity of fertilizer in question and created a mutual friendship with Croplink where he took the fertilizer for safe keeping under the custody of director Jacques Leitao.

During the same month Dangarembizi is reported to have approached Denga and volunteered to sell the fertilizer on commission and the arrangement was that after selling the fertilizer, Dangarembizi would deposit the money into Ambrella Holdings FBC bank account.

During the period between July 15 to July 28, 2017, Dangarembizi allegedly collected 269,82 metric tonnes of fertilizer and was supposed to remit the sum of USD 116 762 but he converted the money to his own use.

He later failed to reimburse the money to the investor who also happens to be the supplier of wheat in the country.

It is alleged that there are documents from Dangarembizi which were forwarded to the investor with indications that he had made the payment through a local bank.

It is alleged that there is evidence to the effect that owed the investor and was committed to settle the debt which never happened.

Reports are that efforts to recover the amount proved fruitless as Dangarembizi is said to have sent threatening messages instead.

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