Biti describes Mthuli Ncube as a ‘trojan horse’ to new dispensation

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube

MDC vice president Tendai Laxton Biti has pointed out Finance minister Mthuli Ncube as the economy’s biggest enemy and an architect of retrogressive policies that do not champion economic growth, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

In an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post on Thursday, the firebrand politician described Ncube as “The Trojan horse to the regime” and with him in position the “political and economic vertigo” will remain in place.

Contextually, a Trojan horse is a person with an intention to undermine or secretly overthrow an enemy or opponent.

“Mthuli has been the Trojan Horse of this regime. It is hard to find anyone more dishonest and more incompetent. 

“Anyone more driven by vanity spin and image but behind that is a structural lack of integrity and decency ,” said Biti. 

He said the stylish and bespectacled Ncube’s one year in office was riddled with cardinal sins that made him worse than former finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.

“In his one year in office he has made bungling Chinamasa look like a genius,” he opined without mincing his words.

Biti has previously labelled Ncube as a vacillating personality who makes dramatic U-turns in policy positions.

He, however, did not absolve Zanu PF for being responsible for the economic meltdown.

He described the ruling party as “beast” that Ncube is weak to face.

“He is an amateur and weak, this economy requires someone who is strong, someone who can look the beast in the eye because Zanu PF is a beast. They will not allow reforms and as a matter of fact, there is no regime that has ever reformed itself out of power,” Biti said.

Biti once held the same portfolio during the Government of National Unity (GNU) and this explains his knee jerk reactions to boobs committed in this ministry even during Chinamasa’s stint.

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