Daggers out against Abida Mia for exposing Malawi election rigging

As Malawians wait for the final presidential.election results the country is now at a standstill amid reports of massive rigging in favour of the incumbent Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

DPP supporters have now taken to social.media accusing MCP vice president’s wife Abida Mia for acting like a police officer.

Abida Mia has been exposing rigging tricks by DPP officials and on Thursday her team trailed a lorry full of marked ballot papers in favour if Mutharika.

DPP supporters on Saturday called for the arrest of Abida Mia whom they are accusing of acting like a police officer.

In a statement circulating on social media DPP supporters claim Abida Mia is stage-managing the events to support rigging claims.

However, contrary to DPP reports Abida Mia’s team has effected citizen arrests to merchants of rigging who have since been incarcerated by Malawi police.

Below is a statement that is being circulated on social media here in malawi.


There is urgent need for action to halt continued assumption of unwarranted powers by Sidik Mia’s wife Abida Mia.

It is surprising how of late she has assumed so much power that she is operating with impunity as Police Officer, Police Officer-In-Charge, Police Commissioner, Returning Officer, Intelligence Officer and MEC Official.

She is all over the Lower Shire mounting road blocks, issuing instructions to security personnel and MEC officials as if the Lower Shire has all of a sudden come under some sort of warlord or mafioso in the name of Abida Mia and that central government has collapsed there.

For the past three days Abida Mia has been seen stage-managing fake vote rigging events for the well set media especially TIMES GROUP and she is going scot-free with it resulting in her continuing with her mafia politicking which is continuing to put security of the country at risk.

She is masterminding thuggish activities with impunity.

Where is she getting these powers? As a politician and an interested party, how come she is even seen controlling electoral related issues at polling and tally centres with impunity again?

She has even been mounting roadblocks and searching vehicles for rigged votes. Really?

I thought we have all along been told that only MDF and Police are responsible for security of votes and we have seen all politicians abiding with that. Why is it that only in the Lower Shire, Abida Mia is now the one solely responsible for the security of votes and regulation of all electoral related matters?

Elsewhere we have been hearing that any attempt by politicians or their relations to get closer to votes and other voting materials was being forcefully intercepted by MDF and Police Personnel, why is it that the case is different in the Lower Shire?

Why are security agents placed in the Lower Shire comfortably taking her instructions like she has become some sort of Senior Security Officer overnight?

She has even gone to the extent of organizing abductions of fellow politicians to make her stage managed vote rigging claims appear real like the case of Gerald Viola.

She has just successfully organized the beating of a DPP politician Nicholas Dausi in Blantyre.

She is even effecting arrests of people using his boys and handing them over to police who are condoning this by gladly taking in the arrested people as if she were a security agent in the line of duty.

Where is law and order? What if all politicians and their supporters assume such powers, what will be the state of our country?

We demand that MEC and Malawi Police Service and other security agents entrusted with matters of security during this critical moment to effect immediate arrest of Abida Mia to investigate her for her recent actions before her actions result in loss of life of innocent people in the Lower Shire and elsewhere thereby triggering chaos.

Imagine the way she abducted, arrested and made serious allegations against Gerald Viola, the mob could have killed him with ease there.

Is Lower Shire now a Mia Colony?

Abida Mia must be told in very uncertain terms that the politicians she is harassing belong to political parties complete with supporters who have all the capacity to retaliate and even stage events as she is doing and even better but are restraining themselves for the sake of peace but patience has limits.

Arrest Abida Mia now or concerned citizens will.