Construction firm complements govt social intervention efforts, hands over house to Cyclone Idai victim

Minister Perrance Shiri presided over the hand over of the house by construction firm EMHA to a Cyclone Idai victim in Chivhu over the weekend
  • VP Chiwenga facilitated the reconstruction process
  • EMHA pledges to provide furniture for the Cyclone Idai victim
  • firm aids government to reduce a housing backlog that currently stands at around 1,25 million units.

HOUSING and property development firm Enhanced Mortgaging and Housing Africa (EMHA) has complemented government efforts on social intervention to resuscitate victims of Cyclone Idai.

  In July 2019, the Nyoni family in Chivhu lost all their possessions during the  Cyclone Idai induced downpour which destroyed their homestead.

EMHA pledged to reconstruct the homestead and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga facilitated the process.

The company pulled resources and invested in the construction of the Nyoni homestead, where the house was officially handed over last weekend.

Chiwenga was represented by Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement Perrance Shiri at the hand over ceremony.

The beneficiary, Lolin Mudzingwa (Nyoni), a single mother, waxed lyrical over EMHA ‘s gesture.

“To be honest it’s like a dream and I can’t believe I am now moving into a new house,” she said.

She said the modern house was a life changer and her five children now had access to decent accommodation.

EMHA chairperson Engineer Harrison Marange said they were touched by the Nyoni family’s plight and they decided to fulfil their promise.

“To be honest, we were really touched when we heard about the story. As a construction firm, we decided to help as part of our social responsibility.

“We worked with Vice President Chiwenga and I am happy that the project was completed on time.

“The next time that we will be coming back, we will bring furniture and other goods they require.

“Of course there are other people who were affected but this family’s case was really touching.

“It’s hard to raise five children alone after the husband was jailed for rape. It’s really a sad scenario,” he said.

Meanwhile, EMHA is in the process of broadening its business scope by diversifying operations.

Working with various urban councils, the firm’s efforts have gone a long way in aiding government to reduce a housing backlog that currently stands at around 1,25 million units.

The success of the firm’s multi-million dollar operations in Zimbabwe and some parts of Africa, have in turn created new and diversified business opportunities for the organisation.

This, according to EMHA managing director Boyana Ndou, has been due to strategic partnerships that they have entered over the years.

EMHA is a wholly owned Zimbabwean firm that, however, has benefitted from Government’s business friendly initiatives like the Look East policy.

The firm has set footprints across Africa and has operations far and wide in countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Zanzibar.


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