Masvingo based cleric Pastor ‘O’ causes shockwaves

Masvingo- Fast rising Masvingo based cleric who has shook the country’s oldest town with his ‘miracle money’ miracles has embarked on a philanthropic mission which has seen him donating a variety of items to less privileged.

He is also famed for his healing ,deliverance and distributing United States dollars to congregants.

Chirinda who is popularly known as Pastor “O” is the founder of New Creation Embassy which started in 2018, said that he does not have much but has a passion for sharing.

“I am a Pastor I do not have much but the little I have should benefit everyone especially those who are disadvantaged that is the reason why I share, I do not donate but I share,” said Pastor ‘O’

Pastor ‘O’ dismissed the notion that clergymen of today are after profiteering.

“We are labeled as people who are after money but that is not the case, our goal is to save souls and help the less privileged in our communities,” said the youthful ‘man of God’.

He said his target is  Masvingo and surrounding areas with view of covering the whole country in the near future.

“We have activities lined up for the whole country , we are going to communicate them in due course,” said Pastor ‘O’

The youthful pastor said Prophet Angel was his ‘spiritual father’.

Angel  also made waves with the ‘miracle money’