Controversy surrounds new Chitungwiza Hospital CEO

BARELY a month after being appointed Chitungwiza chief executive officer, Enock Mayida’s tenure at the helm of the hospital is already under threat from an on-going court case in which he is being accused of medical fraud.

Mayida replaced Obadiah Moyo who rose to become the Minister of Health and Child Care, last year, albeit, under controversial circumstances.

But before questions surrounding Moyo’s educational background have died down, his successor is battling to maintain his integrity and that of the office he has just assumed.

The complainant in Mayida’s matter, Fadzai Kanyongo, poured her heart out in an interview yesterday as she failed to comprehend how the Health Services Board had appointed Mayida to public office at a time the lower courts were yet to determine his guilt or innocence.

“I feel that the government to a certain extent is not respecting the justice system, how does a person get appointed to such an office when he has a pending case…they could have at least waited for the outcome of this case,” Kanyongo said.

 “The case against Doctor Mayida is over fraudulent activity and if he is found guilty this man could lose his license. So when you appoint a person with such a case pending it means that you have already decided the outcome of the case. I feel that this whole appointment shows that this court case has been decided already and I am just here as a matter of formality.”

Mayida was dragged before Mbare Magistrates court for an offence he allegedly committed at a time he was a doctor at Belgravia Medical Clinic last year.

It is the state’s case that on April 3 2018 at number 2 Chaminuka Street, Mbare, Mayida misrepresented to Chicken Slice Distributors that he had conducted medical examinations on the complainant, Kanyongo.

It is further alleged that Mayida was paid for the services by Chicken Slice Distributors who then deducted $42 from the complainant’s salary for the month of May 2018.

The court heard that the money was meant to recover the amount which was paid by Chicken Slice Distributors to the accused person on behalf of the complainant.

It is the states’ case that Kanyongo suffered a financial prejudice of $42 and it was not recovered.

It was Kanyongo’s testimony that upon noticing a deduction from her salary she enquired with the company human resources manager who then gave her a certificate escribed that Mayida had made Fadzai Manyonga undergo medical examination and concluded that she has no problems.

Kanyongo argued that Mayida gave her a pass in the medical examinations yet he did not conduct any medical examination on her.

Mayida who is being represented by Alec Muchadehama denies the charges.