Coltart , Chamisa clash on economic recovery timelines

Newly elected MDC treasurer general David Coltart and party president Nelson Chamisa  seem to  have different timelines on the turnaround period of economic revival should they assume power.

 Coltart who seems so pragmatic, conceded that  Chamisa will not be able to immediately turn around the country’s economy as anticipated by many Zimbabweans as the country needs more time.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the just ended MDC National Congress Coltart on Monday, he urged Zimbabweans not to put high expectations on Chamisa if he becomes president arguing that the current crisis was deep-rooted and needed more time.

“We need to lower expectations on Nelson Chamisa both nationally and within the party. If Nelson Chamisa becomes president of Zimbabwe tomorrow, he will not be able to turnaround the problem of the country within the next few days, weeks or months. “The problems in our nation are deep-rooted and it will need a lot of determination,” said Coltart.

Coltart further revealed that there has been massive donor fatigue and funding was a major challenge.

”When I first joined the MDC there was a lot of international interest in Zimbabwe and it was easier to get funding. MDC got international funding in the 2000s but this has dried up for parties and civic society. International interest in Zimbabwe is now low.”

This is however contrary to Chamisa’s rather Utopian submissions.

He has on several  occasions stated that his party enjoys a wide support within the   international community and can mobilise tonnes of investments once MDC takes over.

He has given the impression that he will lure investors in record time.

At a rally in 2018, Chamisa claimed that as soon as he gets elected he would call France’s president Emmanuel Macron for aid.

 “We have the keys to unlock the economy, we are the young generation we can work with the international community we can call (France president Emmanuel) Macron and say can you please help us to grow our economy.

Statements by Coltart come at a time the  Zanu PF government has been begging for more time to get the economy in good shape.

The finance minister Mthuli Ncube has urged Zimbabweans to feel the pain through his austerity measures as economic conditions continue to deteriorate.

The new treasurer general further said  the party needs to organize its administration first and prove its members that they can run the country sustainably.

MDC failed to provide accommodation for its delegates who attended the National Elective Congress in Gweru and could not afford backup power for its congress a sign that the party is struggling to run its activities.