Chitungwiza residents defy Gvt directive on face masks


RESIDENTS in Chitungwiza have defied a government directive to put on face masks, Zim Morning Post has observed.

Government last week gazetted a new law making it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask as efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic intensify.

An observation carried out by Zim Morning Post revealed that Makoni residents in Chitungwiza were going about their affairs without face masks.

The new law imposes a fine ZWL500 fine or one year jail term for those who would break it.

In an interview, Takudzwa Nhamoinesu, a businessman at Makoni, told the publication that people must follow government directives.

“Here at Makoni, the law enforcement agents are not doing their job. People are not wearing facemasks.

Illegal money changers are conducting their business with no facemasks and sanitisers

They are not observing social distancing regulations,” he said.

Beerhalls are opening and are operating as if there is no COVID-19. They need to be told that coronavirus real,” Nhamoinesu said.

I don’t blame them. Sometimes it’s because they lack knowledge about the virus,” he added.

Another citizen, Gift Mwendamberi, also told Zim Morning Post that practising social distancing was one sure way to minimise risks of COVID-19.

I do not know how I can describe the people who are failing to follow the government directive on wearing face masks and observing social distancing.

The people are illegally opening bars, not wearing face masks,” he said.

The police officers are on the forefront of coniving with the people to open beers halls,” Mwendamberi added.

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