Chinamasa singing for his supper says Tsenengamu

  • says Mnangangwa was was treated differently after naming and shaming forex externalisers
  • Tsenengamu views Chinamasa behaviour as shameful
  • Chinamasa says suspended Zanu PF youth leaders behaviour may attract more sanctions 

SUSPENDED Zanu PF leader Godfrey Tsenengamu on Wednesday hit back at Zanu PF secretary for Legal Affairs, Patrick Chinamasa, for denouncing as a violation of the politburo directive what they had said during their unsanctioned press conference last week, Zim morning post can report.

In a letter directed to Chinamasa, Tsenengamu questioned why he did not say it was not Zanu PF policy when President Emmerson Mnangangwa named and shamed those who had externalised foreign currency in 2019.

“Comrade, Chef, when President Mnangagwa named and shamed those who externalised forex, you didn’t say it’s not party policy to name and shame,” read the letter.

“You didn’t say it promotes those with extortionist tendencies and rent-seeking behaviour (when Mnangagwa did the same).You didn’t say he must tow the party line.You didn’t say he is dividing the party.You didn’t say he must follow procedure.

You didn’t say he must attend Chitepo College (of ideology). You didn’t say he is scaring away investors. You didn’t say he must report to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.You didn’t say he must bring evidence,” read part of the letter.

This was in response to what Chinamasa had said about the suspended Zanu PF youth leaders.

In an interview on Wednesday, Chinamasa lambasted what the youth leaders did, saying it was shameful and would likely attract more sanctions against Zimbabwe.

“It is important to state that when Cdes Matutu and Tsenengamu addressed the Press conference on the February 3, 2020, both knew that it was a deliberate violation of the previous politburo directive on the matter, and they knew its violation would attract sanctions.” he said.

“Naming and shaming that targets perceived successful businesspeople, be they black or white, breeds fertile ground for extortionist, rent-seeking behaviour and will have one outcome; that is hounding such people out of the country into exile which will not help this economy, whose growth must be driven by local businesspeople,” Chinamasa said.

Meanwhile, Tsenengamu said the fight against corruption should continue. 

“We aren’t anyone’s stooges; those days are long gone. This is our fight. Indeed, a few people can’t monopolise everything and hold us hostage. Zimbabwe and its resources are for us all. We are no second class citizens here,” he said.



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