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Chinamasa recounts sleepless night after car break in

PATRICK Chinamasa has revealed that he had a restless night on August 21 when thieves broke into his car parked near Harare’s Meikles Hotel and stole US$6,700 cash.

“I faced a sleepless night, troubled by this unfortunate incident,” he revealed. Fortunately, the police called him to report that his black Zanu-PF branded leather bag had been recovered in Market Square, Harare.

The bag containing the money was retrieved, along with other belongings including his iPad, ID, driver’s license, CBZ and Cabs bank cards, 2 pairs of glasses, 21 x 20-liter Redan Coupons, and various personal and Zanu-PF documents

Chinamasa began by saying on August 21, 2023, an unfortunate incident unfolded for Patrick Chinamasa at the 5 Star Meikles Hotel. Leading a Zanu-PF delegation for discussions on debt relief with Former Mozambican President Joachim Chissano, Chinamasa recounted the evening’s events.

Following the meeting Chinamasa returned to his car, parked in front of the hotel. To his dismay, he found his right passenger window shattered and his bag missing. Despite unhelpful responses from the hotel, he reported the incident to Harare Central Police.

The next morning, a glimmer of hope emerged when he received a call from police reporting the recovery of his Zanu-PF branded leather bag in Harare’s Market Square area. While USD $6,700 cash was missing, the rest of his belongings, including personal documents and files, remained intact.