Calls for stay away flop

 The much hyped stay away that was planned by human rights lobby group Tajamuka was a monumental flop with citizens carrying out their normal day to day activities without any hindrances.

Tajamuka activist Promise Mkwananzi called for the stay away dubbed #ShutdownZimbabwe last week on social media but his calls fell on deaf ears.

He urged Zimbabweans to join the nationwide stay away on Monday to protest against the deteriorating economic situation.

A survey carried out by this reporter in the capital city’s central business district and surrounding areas showed that it was business as usual.

“It shows that people listen to the commanding voice, depending on who have uttered the message and this stay away calls  won’t even stop  us to sell our products in the streets,” a Harare vendor said.

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe joined the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) in distancing themselves from the nationwide shutdown calls.

Mkwananzi was however in a defiant mood, he went on to blast the government on Twitter on Monday.

“You can’t intimidate the people forever.

“You have to fix the problems that people are highlighting.

“Stop wasting money buying arms and fuel to disperse people. Fix the economy, Fix the politics,” read his tweet.

Tajamuka has been behind several protests which are believed to be sponsored by some Western governments to pursue the regime change agenda in the country.