‘Kaseke has no contract with ZTA’- Auditor General

It has emerged that ailing Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Chief Executive Officer Karikoga Kaseke has been at the helm of the organisation for 15 years with no contract of employment.

This was revealed in Auditor General Mildred Chiri ’s latest audit .

In the current arrangement,  Kaseke  has no basis for legal recourse in the event that any disputes arise from his employment with the tourism authority as he has no signed contract of employment with them.

This comes at the moment his health condition has been under debate as to whether he is fit and proper to continue delivering his duties.

“There was no contract of employment for the Chief Executive.

“The reference point of the conditions of service for the chief executive was his contract of employment with his previous employer. The implications thereof are, no basis for legal recourse in case of disputes hence a contract of employment should be negotiated, documented and signed,”noted Chiri.

After the findings it was however established that Kaseke’s terms and conditions of employment were to be the same as the one he had while he was at the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, where he was transferred from.

He was appointed through the Office of the President (OPC).

In its defence, the  management at ZTA submitted that it had been resolved that Kaseke be paid in accordance with the instruction from the Secretary to the President and Cabinet hence his contract was to be deemed to be into existence.

Kaseke is currently off duty due to illness and was reportedly discharged from St Giles Rehabilitation Centre and is recuperating from home.

His position is currently occupied by Rita Likukuma (in acting capacity) who seems to have fallen out of favour with employees if a communiqué circulating on social media denouncing her is anything to go by.

She is also a board member putting her in a precarious position in her discharge of duties as chief executive.

Chiri also raised a red flag in the manner in which non -executive directors were being advanced interest free loans citing that this compromises the oversight role of the board.

She also recommended that in future the minister must approve such loans.

Meanwhile, Zim Morning Post understands that in the last board meeting, the ZTA board submitted recommendations to streamline and restructure the organisation in a development which will see some posts being abolished.

“The Human Resources and Skills audit is incomplete but the board recommended streamlining and restructuring which will see voluntary and involuntary retrenchments and this will be more clearer in the next board meeting scheduled for August,” revealed our inside source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Under Likukuma’s stewardship, ZTA has cancelled several travel shows although the Sanganai/Hlanganani is still going in Bulawayo this September as planned.

The cancellation of other travel shows has a major negative impact on the country’s presence on the international markets.