Broke MDC fails to pay workers for 11 months

MDC has gone for 11 months without paying its workers, Zim Morning Post can exclusively reveal.

This comes on the backdrop of reports that the MDC will hold a $2 million elective congress scheduled for May 24-26.

Workers who spoke to this publication said that they are surprised that the party is fundraising money for congress forgetting its workers.

The MDC was formed with a purpose of representing the plight of the workers.

MDC has 160 workers nationally who have all gone for a long time without salaries.

It is sad that the party has gone for months without paying us but we hear in the press that they want to raise 3 million for congress, we are workers , we have families to feed,” said the source.

According to sources the MDC is bankrupt due to poor fundraising strategy and it is now depending on government grant under the political finance Act.

The part is literally broke, there was a retrenchment plan which was not effected and the salary bill continues to rise. We went to Easter penniless and now schools will be opening with no valid alternatives in the event that no government grant comes,” said an insider.

Political analysts have castigated the MDC saying it no longer represents what they claim to be standing for.

They claim to represent the workers and the general public but it is surprising that they are not paying workers,” said John Muchenje

Muchenje went on to say that the MDC is no longer an alternative opposition party if it is waiting for government grants.

So the MDC is a government sponsored opposition definitely it is not an alternative to Zimbabweans then,” added Muchenje.

Efforts to get a comment proved fruitless as the party spokesperson Jacob Mafume did not pick his mobile phone.