Breaking News: I am not going anywhere Philip Chiyangwa tells ZIFA

Philip Chiyangwa led COSAFA have hit back at Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA)’s motion to recall the business maveric from the association of football nations saying ZIFA’s issues with Chiyangwa are domestic and have nothing to do with COSAFA.

This comes after the Felton Kamambo led ZIFA launched an audacious motion to recall Chiyangwa as COSAFA president insisting Zimbabwe will pull out of the regional bloc if the man nicknamed Captain Fiasco does not go.

ZIFA accuses Chiyangwa of interfering in the affairs of the new ZIFA administration adding that Chiyangwa’s intransigent behaviour has destabilised the association.

However, in a response to ZIFA Secretary General Joseph Mamutse, COSAFA maintained that Chiyangwa was going nowhere.

“We are in receipt of your letter dated 10th July 2019, the contents of which have been noted and we respond as follows: 1. Your allegations against the former President of ZIFA, whether founded or unfounded, are domestic in nature and should therefore be dealt with in Zimbabwe. These issues have nothing to do with COSAFA,” wrote Sue Destombes COSAFA General Secretary.

“The President of COSAFA was duly elected by the General Assembly of COSAFA in December 2016 in accordance with Article 10.3 of the Statutes. The Zimbabwe Football Association does not have the right to “recall Dr Philip Chiyangwa as COSAFA President” despite his nationality,” she added.

COSAFA insisted that “ZIFA should not seem to use the office of the President of COSAFA to resolve domestic disputes and in so doing, bring the Zonal Union and the Presidency into disrepute”.

“It is the prerogative of any Member Association to consider whether or not to participate in the activities of the Zonal Union. We trust that the Association will act in a responsible manner and seek to resolve any differences so that the focus of the leadership can be on football development and reaching the full and considerable potential which Zimbabwe has.”