Breaking: AirZim takes delivery of an Emb 145 plane

Air Zimbabwe has taken delivery of one of the planes bought under the Zimbabwe Airways controversial arrangement.

The Embraer 145 arrived from the United States of America, briefly stopped for refueling in Dar Es Salaam and finaly arrived in Zimbabwe around late Tuesday afternoon.

As reported by this publication the two planes were acquired by Zimbabwe Airways for the government but due to repudiatory breach of the original sale and purchase agreement by the government, delivery of the other two aircrafts was brought to a halt.

The seller Malaysian Airline Behard, accepted the buyer’s repudiation of the original purchase agreement on the original sale and purchase agreement and the original sale and purchase agreement was terminated on July 2017.

Zim Morning Post also reported that the embrear 145 which arrived in Harare on Tuesday has been parked at Kansas Airport in the United States under the custody of Jet Midwest a company that repairs and buys planes from Africa.

To restore sanity and sanitise this botched deal, government has since disbanded Zim Airways and Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Joel Biggie Matiza said government was regularising acquisition of the planes.

Last month, Cabinet approved the regularisation of the acquisition of aircraft bought from Malaysia and made outstanding payments for the Embrear planes.