Air Tanzania to relaunch flights… ‘open the skies’ policy takes shape

AIR Tanzania is set to relaunch flights into Harare from Dar es Salaam Friday as the government continues to implement its ‘open the skies’ policy which seeks to boost the tourism sector and increase the number of tourists arrivals.

 The regional airliner made the announcement on their Twitter handle this week.

“Get to explore the beauty and opportunities in Zimbabwe and Zambia by flying with us from Dar to Harare and Lusaka, Starting on 22nd February,” read the tweet.

The airline will ply the route three times a week, flying Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Deputy minister of Transport and Infrastructure Advocate Fortune Chasi will be the guest of honour.

This development is in sync with the call made by Vice President  Constantino Chiwenga to open domestic airspace for other players.

He is on record stating that allowing other players will compel the national airliner to find innovative ways to stand competition.

“On the domestic front we have opened up the domestic airspace for other players and we have seen new airlines now competing on our domestic routes. Therefore, the issue is not only to attract competition but to make ourselves ready for that competition,” Chiwenga was quoted as saying then.

He added that opening skies complemented by open borders, will see Zimbabwe’s tourism sector growing in leaps and bounds.