You are currently viewing Activist Intensifies Campaign Against Innscor, Alleges Pizza and Chicken Inn GMO Scandal

Activist Intensifies Campaign Against Innscor, Alleges Pizza and Chicken Inn GMO Scandal

Activist Intensifies Campaign Against Innscor, Alleges Pizza and Chicken Inn GMO Scandal

HARARE – Anti-sanctions activist Rutendo Matinyare escalated his campaign against Innscor Africa Limited on Sunday, denouncing it as “one of the most corrupt companies in Zimbabwe.” He accused Innscor of operating recklessly and endangering millions of lives through the sale of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) containing potentially harmful chemicals, violating Zimbabwean laws and Cabinet directives.

This development follows the Gauteng High Court’s recent dismissal of a contempt of court motion that sought to imprison Matinyare for defamation. Matinyare has been outspoken about Innscor for months, asserting that the company sells glyphosate-laced GMOs through its sprawling network of food outlets which include Pizza and Chicken Inn, which he claims are illegal under Zimbabwean regulations. “For the past six months, I have been fighting with Innscor, one of the most corrupt companies in Zimbabwe. I have proved without rebuttal that they are committing crimes, selling illegal glyphosate-laced GMOs to our people,” Matinyare posted on X, lamenting the lack of public outcry from anti-corruption activists.

Matinyare also accused Innscor’s owners of currency manipulation and capital flight, citing the Panama Papers. He pointed to statements by Temba Mliswa, who alleged that Innscor bribes law enforcement and government officials and is involved in gold mining, money laundering, and food monopolization, posing a national security threat.

Despite Matinyare’s allegations, public reaction has been muted, which he attributes to racial biases. “People attack me for exposing the criminality because whites enjoy different standards of accountability. The Panama Papers mention Zed Koudounaris and Mike Fowler as money launderers,” he stated.

The controversy gained momentum last November when Matinyare released a video blaming Innscor for the decline in the quality of Zimbabwean meat products. He accused the company of currency sabotage and illicit money transfers, referencing the Panama Papers. In response, Innscor filed a defamation suit in South Africa, leading to a temporary order against Matinyare.

Matinyare contested the South African court’s jurisdiction, arguing that it had no authority over issues concerning Zimbabwean citizens and companies. His legal team defended his statements, citing tests on Innscor’s products that allegedly revealed glyphosate contamination. Matinyare maintained his comments were not defamatory and reiterated accusations of money laundering by Innscor’s owners.

Efforts at out-of-court settlements have failed, and Matinyare has continued his campaign, publishing allegations that Innscor’s animal feed and human food products contain unauthorized GMOs and high levels of glyphosate. He shared test results on social media, claiming Innscor’s products exceeded permissible glyphosate levels, posing health risks.

“GMOs were introduced in Africa in 2000, and they have not stood the test of time. Countries consuming GMOs in Africa have the highest cancer and HIV rates in the world, along with high levels of miscarriages and endometriosis,” Matinyare asserted.

On May 6, Matinyare attended a Contempt of Court hearing in South Africa, where his legal team successfully defended his whistleblowing rights. “Innscor’s two advocates failed to argue contempt after my lawyers put up a strong argument to protect my whistleblowing rights. The case has been struck off the roll, and I can continue to write facts on Innscor and expose their wrongdoing,” he declared.

Matinyare expressed frustration over the lack of scrutiny on Innscor’s actions by authorities and the public, likening it to “Stockholm Syndrome.” He criticized the selective enforcement of laws, noting that while smaller offenders are punished, Innscor continues its activities unchallenged. “I have proved that it is selling illegal GMOs laced with toxic chemicals not labeled on its packaging, as mandated by the National Biotechnology Authority regulations of 2018. Yet, it remains untouchable, feeding our people unauthorized food illegally,” he said.

Innscor has remained silent amid the allegations, offering no public rebuttal to Matinyare’s claims.

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