860 students stranded as school delays opening

  • Buildings half-finished
  • Developer fails to complete project
  • Students to stay at home until notified

GLAUDINA Primary has failed to open its doors to students after the contracted developer failed to complete construction of the school on time ahead of the first term that opened on Tuesday.

Naldline (Pvt) Ltd was hired by Harare City Council to construct the school in return for a piece of land situated in Glaudina, ward 40.

According to the Member of Parliament for Dzivaresekwa, Edwin Mushoriwa, the agreement was made in 2015.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post, Mushoriwa said the ground-breaking ceremony was done in 2018 by former Education minister Paul Mavima.

Naldline, as alleged, was expected to complete construction of part of the school by January 2019.

“The year 2019 came and went, and the community decided to force the opening of the school in 2020 in spite of the incomplete structures,” Mushoriwa said.

According to sources, enrolled pupils were not asked to pay any tuition pending a meeting between council and the School Development Committee (SDC) to decide on fee structures.

The MP stressed that parents would only pay fees after the SDC and council had fixed the fees issue.

In a Press statement, Mushoriwa said the right to education for more than 860 pupils so far registered with the school should be defended.

Glaudina stakeholders agreed to open the school on January 20 so that enrolled pupils would not lose out on valuable school time.

Initially, the school would take in pupils from ECD to Grade 5.

According to Mushoriwa, until such time as the school opens, the community and HCC would have to ensure that minimum health and educational standards are in place.

Mushoriwa said Naldline (Pvt) Ltd with the help of Harare City Council and the community will work around the clock to ensure the school opens its door on January 20.

“The right to education for more than 860 pupils so far registered at the school should be defended and accordingly all stakeholders to do everything necessary to make Glaudina Primary School a leading educational institution,” Mushoriwa said.

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